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Juan Martin Díaz bids farewell to professional padel


The 14 consecutive years world number one, Juan Martin Díaz, has decided to hang up his racquet at the conclusion of the 2023 season, as revealed in an exclusive interview with Mundo Deportivo. 

Argentine padel legend, Juan Martin Díaz, has announced his retirement at the end of the current season, concluding a remarkable 30-year journey within the professional padel circuit.

The "Master of Reflexes" will bid adieu to the courts at the age of 48, capping off a prolific professional career that transformed him into an icon of the sport. 

"Until the end of this year, barring unforeseen circumstances, I will continue to play. Beyond that, I won't. Furthermore, I'll make every effort to do so because there's always something bothering me, and I believe that's what frustrates me on the court, whether it's with myself or my partner – the frustration of not being able to perform as I desire. If that overwhelms me, it's over," Juan Martin shared in an interview with Mundo Deportivo. 

Born in Mar del Plata, Argentina, the player held the world's top ranking for nearly 14 consecutive years, forming an invincible partnership alongside the "Boss," Fernando Belasteguín

His swift and aggressive padel style became a benchmark for many contemporary players who saw him as their role model. 

"I'm Moving to Miami" 

While stepping away from competitive play, Juan Martin will remain involved in the padel community, assuming a different role. The Argentine has been unveiled as the new strategic advisor for one of the franchises in the North American PPL, the New York Atlantics, and will relocate to Miami to join a project called Reserve Padel. 

"I'm heading to Miami. I moved there a few days ago to become part of Reserve Padel, a project led by Wayne Boich, whom I've known for over a decade. It was the right moment for me to contribute in such a significant country," expressed the Argentine legend.

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