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A1 Padel Makes its Mark in Asia: Bahrain Grand Master Announced


Following the cancellation of the Italy Grand Master, the A1 circuit has unveiled Bahrain as the new host to fill the void. The tournament will bring the regular season to a close. 

The A1 Padel circuit is making its debut in Asian lands. After the Italy Grand Master was cancelled, originally slated for September 4th to 10th, the tour has now designated Bahrain as the fresh host nation.

The Asian tournament, classified as a Grand Master event, will take place from November 19th to 25th, serving as the final showdown of the regular season prior to the Master Final. 

"It's an honor that the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain has granted approval for a high-level professional tournament to take place in the country for the first time. This is a significant challenge for us and a further step in the circuit's brief history, which will now span its fourth continent," stated Fabrice Pastor, President of A1 Padel. 

Cancellation of the Italy Grand Master 

For the second consecutive year, A1 Padel finds itself unable to execute a tournament on Italian soil. 

As announced by the A1 circuit, the Grand Master scheduled for September has been called off due to the numerous restrictions imposed for hosting the circuit in the European nation. 

In response to this, President Fabrice Pastor remarked: "At A1 Padel, we will continue striving to hold a tournament in Italy. Once again this year, we've encountered numerous political hurdles to staging the competition, owing to the reluctance of federative authorities and the indirect threats faced by both sports clubs and professional players if they partake in an event from our circuit."

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