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Padel Nuestro Group extends its reach across Africa and South America


Spanish company Padel Nuestro is pushing its boundaries, opening two new brick-and-mortar stores in Morocco and Venezuela.

The colossal player in the padel product market, Padel Nuestro, is relentlessly claiming fresh territory. 

With over 70 physical outlets already scattered across Spain, Portugal, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Egypt, Panama, Chile, and Dubai, it's now adding two more countries to its conquest list.

Following a triumphant venture into Egypt, the Spanish enterprise is once again banking on the African continent and setting foot in Morocco's most populous city, the country's quintessential tourist destination: Casablanca.

Unveiled in late July, the store strategically occupies a prime location in a city boasting a potential market of over 4 million individuals, where the padel fever is soaring.

Bet on the South American market

In line with the current internationalization frenzy surrounding padel, the Spanish powerhouse has chosen to double down on South America. 

Padel Nuestro has made its way to Venezuela, reaffirming its dedication to physical store expansion and propelling its development and growth strategy forward. The new store is located in Caracas, the nation's capital, marking its third South American destination, following Chile and Panama.

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