Premier Padel

Unstoppable - Secured Title in Argentina


Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello were crowned champions in Argentina after defeating Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk. The pair clinched their thirteenth title of the season. 

During the evening, the final of Mendoza Premier Padel was decided. The two best pairs in the tournament faced off in the grand final. 

On one side of the net stood the season's major giants, Agustín Tapia and Arturo Coello, and on the other side were the second-seeded Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk. The final was an intense match where the players treated the audience to a real spectacle. 

The Final 

Tapia and Coello started by taking control of the match. The pair displayed skillful play and were strongest in the long duels. The season's giants secured the first set with a score of 6-2 after just over 30 minutes of play. 

The second set was a closer affair. Many exciting duels characterized the latter part of the match. Both pairs showed great precision in crucial moments, and neither managed to take control of the game. 

A tiebreak decided the second set, which also became incredibly dramatic and tight. But in the end, it was Agustin Tapia and Arturo Coello who secured their thirteenth title of the season. The result was written: 6-2, 7-6. 

The world of padel now takes a break and will return at the end of August in Finland with the World Padel Tour.

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