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Argentine Star Introduces New Coach: "A Fresh Start"


After more than five years alongside Pablo Ayma, Aranza Osoro has chosen Nico Gavino as her new coach.

In early July, following the World Padel Tour Valencia Open, Argentine player Aranza Osoro announced her separation from her coach of several years, Pablo Ayma.

The current 10th-ranked player in the world had begun training under Ayma's guidance in 2018, when she took her initial steps into the realm of elite padel.

Following the split, "La Vikinga" has officially unveiled her new coach. The chosen one is Nico Gavino, one of the top coaches at the international Hello Padel Academy.

"Allow me to introduce my new coach: Nico Gavino. Thrilled to embark on this new journey alongside Nico. A fresh start brimming with positive energy and boundless excitement," proclaimed the Argentine star on her social media.

Aranza is already undergoing training under Gavino's tutelage, with her sights set on the World Padel Tour in Finland - the first tournament after the summer break - from August 26th to September 3rd.

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