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Tapia and Coello assert their dominance in Málaga


In a closely-contested final, Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia were crowned champions of the Málaga Open after defeating Tello and Ruiz. This marks their tenth title on the World Padel Tour circuit.

The two top pairs of the Málaga Open clashed in the grand final. On one side, the undisputed world number ones, Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia, faced off against Alex Ruiz and Juan Tello, who were in search of their first title as a team.

The start of the match was fiercely competitive, with both pairs showcasing a high level of play. However, it was the number one pair who struck first. Tapia and Coello managed to break the deadlock with a crucial breakthrough towards the end of the first set, putting themselves ahead on the scoreboard at 7/5.

The second half of the match maintained the same intensity as the first, with neither pair being able to break the equality on the scoreboard, reaching the tie-break.

Kings of the circuit

Despite Ruiz and Tello fighting with determination, the prowess of Coello and Tapia in crucial moments prevailed once again. The final score reflected the close nature of the encounter, 7/5 7/6, as the number one duo claimed yet another title.

With this victory, Coello and Tapia conclude the first half of the World Padel Tour season with an impressive record of ten titles out of the twelve tournaments they participated in, showcasing their overwhelming dominance.

The World Padel Tour circuit will take a brief hiatus until late August. Before that, the first part of the season will conclude in style next week at the Premier Padel Mendoza P1 in Argentina.

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