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Triay and Ortega continue their overwhelming run in Málaga


In an almost flawless match, Martita Ortega and Gemma Triay booked their ticket to the grand final of the World Padel Tour Málaga Open, as they convincingly defeated the number four pair.

Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega, the second-ranked pair in the world, faced off against Virginia Riera and Tamara Icardo, the fourth-ranked pair, in a clash that would determine the first finalists of the World Padel Tour Málaga Open.

Right from the start, Gemma and Marta imposed their dominance on the court, displaying an impressive level of assertiveness that left their opponents with no options. 

Marta Ortega, in a spectacular form, asserted her presence on the court, demonstrating great aggressiveness. The second-ranked pair complemented each other perfectly, like a Swiss watch, synchronizing their movements and transitions to maintain control throughout the entire match.

Third final on the World Padel Tour circuit

On the other side of the net, Virginia Riera and Tamara Icardo fought hard throughout the encounter, but they could do little to counteract the relentless offensive displayed by Triay and Ortega.

The scoreboard reflected the superiority of the second-ranked pair, with a convincing 6/2 and 6/1 in their favor.

With this triumph, the number two pair in the tournament reached their third final on the World Padel Tour circuit, solidifying their position as one of the strongest duos of the moment. Tomorrow, they will face the winners of the match between Josemaría/Sánchez and Brea/González.


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