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To the final on home soil – Beat Lebron and Galan in two sets


Local Alex Ruiz and his partner Juan Tello secured their spot in the grand final of the Málaga Open, overpowering Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán in two sets.

In the men's semifinals of the World Padel Tour Málaga Open, Juan Tello and Alex Ruiz faced off against Juan Lebrón and Alejandro Galán. 

The former world number ones came into the match with confidence, having eliminated Yanguas and Belasteguín in the quarterfinals, the same opponents who defeated them in the Italy Major Premier Padel. Ruiz and Tello, on the other hand, had done the same with Chingotto and Navarro, one of the top pairs currently on the circuit.

The first set began with an excellent display from the Spanish-Argentine duo, showcasing their solidity and skill at crucial moments. Juan Tello's precise and lethal smash allowed them to secure two decisive breaks, taking the set convincingly at 6/2.

Second final in Malaga for Alex Ruiz

In the second part of the match, Lebrón and Galán showed more fighting spirit and managed to level the playing field. However, when points were fiercely contested, it was once again Juan Tello who emerged as the difference-maker. With his impeccable performance in critical moments, El Gato tilted the match in favor of the Spanish-Argentine pair, sealing the second set at 6/4.

Thus, the fifth-ranked pair in the world claimed a well-deserved victory and booked their spot in the eagerly awaited final in Málaga. Tomorrow will mark the second consecutive final for the local player Alex Ruiz in his hometown, as last year, he reached the same stage alongside Momo González.

The pair will face the winner of the match between Tapia and Coello vs. Sanz and Nieto in the final.


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