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Siux unveils the latest version of one of its most iconic racquets


Siux proudly presents the Black Carbon Revolution 2, a padel bat that seamlessly combines precision and control with power, making it one of the toughest racquets ever released by the Spanish brand.

With a strong presence in over 35 countries, Siux is renowned as a specialist in the padel market. Now, they're introducing the new version of one of their most iconic models: the Black Carbon Revolution 2.

The original Black Carbon model made its debut back in 2016, available in both glossy and matte finishes. However, this new release dazzles with its glossy look and smooth surface, giving it a unique and eye-catching aesthetic.

One of the firm's stiffest racquets.

But what truly sets the Black Carbon Revolution 2 apart is its configuration. Featuring a round-shaped design, it's ideal for precise control during gameplay. However, it comes with a high-density core rubber, making it one of the stiffest acts ever seen from the brand.

The hardness doesn't stop with the core rubber alone; this racquet incorporates a double layer of carbon in the planes, significantly boosting its rigidity and, consequently, its durability. This combination results in a resilientpadel bat ready to face any challenge on the court.

The Black Carbon Revolution 2 is specially crafted for high-level players seeking exceptional control with every move, while also craving that extra punch of power for those defining shots. Its broad sweet spot, aided by the generous oversized hitting surface, significantly enhances player maneuverability and versatility.

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