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Stupaczuk confirms it: he will miss the next tournament


Franco Stupaczuk had to withdraw during the quarter-finals of the Madrid Premier Padel due to an injury. Following the accident, the player announced that he will miss the next tournament.

In the quarter-finals of the Madrid Premier Padel, Franco Stupaczuk rushed off the court to try to reach a ball, but accidentally hit a billboard, fell, and got injured.

The Argentine player took a medical timeout and returned to the court, but later he was forced to abandon the match. He has now addressed the incident on Instagram and criticized the circuit harshly:

"First of all, I want to thank everyone for their messages and concern. I am now at home resting after the accident yesterday with the advertising billboards during an off-court run. Superficially, I have some wounds as everyone saw, but the worst part is that I now have a splint covering my left wrist where I suffered a direct impact," announced the Argentine.

And he continued:

"It goes without saying what I think about what I went through yesterday, not only in the moment but also in the post-injury period. Unfortunately, we are still far from being a serious sport," wrote Stupa.

He will miss the next tournament

The Argentine also announced that he will miss the WPT Open in Malaga next week.

"I want to let you know that I won't be able to make it to Malaga, but I will try to recover to play in Mendoza," concluded Stupaczuk.

The player hopes to be back on the courts for the Mendoza P1 of the Premier Padel, which will take place in early August in Argentina.


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