Premier Padel

David Broncano plays a padel match with Coello and Tapia


Renowned Spanish presenter David Broncano, host of La Resistencia, made an appearance at the Madrid Arena to compete in a center court match with Coello and Tapia.

David Broncano, the charismatic host of La Resistencia, briefly stepped away from the television stage to delve into the world of padel during the Madrid Premier Padel P1.

The Spanish presenter, who had previously welcomed Coello and Tapia on his show in April, took to the center court, eager to live a unique experience alongside the current sensation in the sport.

Before the final took place, where Tapia and Coello emerged victorious, Broncano not only shared laughs and pleasant conversations with the Spanish-Argentinian duo but also dared to challenge them in a friendly match.

Broncano showcased his skills on the court, and despite being a self-proclaimed tennis enthusiast, the presenter remarked that he loves padel and whenever he gets the chance to play, it "hooks" him.


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