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The President of the United States Padel Association steps down


After a two-year tenure as the leading figure in American padel, Marcos del Pilar has decided to step down from his position as president of the USPA.
—"My commitment to padel is lifelong, and I will continue to be involved in the development of padel in the USA," Del Pilar told Padel Alto.

Padel is on its way to establishing itself in the United States. New clubs are opening up in major cities, and gradually, Americans are embracing the sport.

One of the main drivers behind this growth has been Marcos Del Pilar, the now former president of the USPA, who successfully introduced padel as one of the trendiest sports in the USA.

Now, after serving for two years as the president of the American Padel Association, Del Pilar has decided to step aside to focus on "personal and business obligations."

"I have dedicated almost two years to the USPA presidency as a voluntary position, on top of my professional commitments. With significant achievements and goals accomplished, I believe it's time for others to carry on the work," Del Pilar commented to Padel Alto.

Martin Sweeney Appointed at the Helm of USPA

Following Del Pilar's departure, Martin Sweeney has been appointed by the board as the interim President of the USA Padel Association.

"We have established a committee structure and new statutes. Now, there is a platform to continue pushing padel forward in the USA in an organized and sustainable manner," the former USPA president said in an interview with this outlet.

"My Commitment to Padel is Lifelong"

Marcos Del Pilar will continue to be involved in padel in the United States, working on and supporting new initiatives and projects.

"My commitment to padel is lifelong. I will remain engaged in the development of padel in the USA, as I have always done with various projects. I truly hope that our work has forever changed the sport of padel in North America," Del Pilar concluded.

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