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Kuikma signs the young Spanish talent: "The beginning of a new era"


Iván Ramírez, who has just parted ways with Varlion, has been announced as the new signing for the Kuikma brand.

Following his departure from Varlion due to "serious discrepancies" with the brand, the young Spanish player 'Ivanxo' Ramírez has been signed by Kuikma.

The talented player and the Decathlon brand have officially announced their partnership through a post on their social media platforms.

Former number one player Maxi Sánchez, the flagship player of Kuikma, congratulated Ramírez on joining the brand. Ivanxo will be using the LS Pro model, endorsed by Lucia Sainz, the official paddle of the Premier Padel Madrid P1. The Spanish player also took the opportunity to welcome Ramírez to the Kuikma team.

"I am delighted that you are part of this great family, which I'm sure you will love," said Sainz in a video posted by the brand.

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