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Premier Padel announces new broadcasting agreement


Premier Padel has revealed GOL PLAY as its new partner for Spanish broadcasting of the first P1 tournament of the year.

Premier Padel has announced a new broadcasting partnership for the Madrid Premier Padel P1. The channel GOL PLAY, available in Spain, will provide live coverage of the tournament taking place at the Madrid Arena from July 17th to 23rd.

“We are delighted to welcome GOL PLAY as our Spanish broadcast partner and we look forward to working closely with them for the very exciting tournament in Madrid,” said Ziad Hammoud, member of the Premier Padel Board.

The new broadcasting agreement with GOL PLAY grants the channel rights to the entire Madrid P1 tournament this year, offering two matches daily from Monday to Friday, as well as broadcasting the semifinals and the final in their entirety.

The channel joins a select group of international broadcasters that will offer the highly anticipated second edition of Madrid P1, which will be broadcasted in over 180 territories worldwide.

“GOL PLAY is excited to have secured the rights to the Madrid P1 and to build partnerships with Premier Padel, the leading global tour in the world’s fastest-growing sport. Padel now has 25 million players globally, with increasing consumer demand for tournaments to be broadcast live, and we know that our viewers will enjoy all the action from Madrid,” declared Francesc Carbonell, director of GOL PLAY.

Madrid P1 will also be available live on Premier Padel's YouTube channel, ensuring that fans from around the world can follow the first P1 tournament of the year.

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