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Delfi Brea with Padel Alto: "I think we're ready to be the number two pair"


Argentinian player Delfina Brea spoke to Padel Alto from Rome in an exclusive interview, discussing the great moment she's experiencing alongside her partner Bea González. 
- We know that if we play well and we're connected, we can become the number two pair," Delfi told Padel Alto. 

Following their debut at the Premier Padel Major in Rome, where the girls are competing for the first time, Delfina Brea had an exclusive conversation with Padel Alto, reflecting on their current situation alongside Bea González.

The pair, who decided to join forces in early April, has been improving both in their gameplay and results, demonstrating great solidity on the court. 

- We came together with the expectation of forming a strong partnership. Joining forces in the middle of the season is not easy; you practically adapt as the tournaments progress, and I believe we're getting better and better.

"It's a pleasure to play with Bea" 

Just three months after their partnership, the pair has already achieved excellent results. Bea and Delfi were crowned champions at the Open de Dinamarca and the Master de Valladolid, in addition to reaching the finals in Vienna and Toulouse.

Did you expect to achieve such results so soon? 

- No, although one always changes partners to achieve better results, that's clear, and anyone who says otherwise is lying. When we decided to team up, it was to aim higher, and that's what we did. It's a pleasure to play with Bea; we get along very well, and things flow between us

The pair has known each other for several years since their first stint together in 2019. The friendship between the Spaniard and the Argentine is what unites them, and their good relationship on the court reflects how well they get along off the court.

- We know each other very well; it's been a long time. One look at the other, and we already know what the other is thinking, so communication between us is much easier.

"We can become the number two pair."

Sánchez/Josemaría and Salazar/Triay have dominated the women's circuit in recent years, occupying the number one and two spots in the rankings, far ahead of the rest of the pairs.

Alejandra Salazar's absence from the courts as she recovers from surgery on her right arm has opened a window for Brea and González to fight for the second spot in the world rankings.

Do you think Alejandra Salazar's absence has provided an opportunity where there wasn't one before? 

- We believe so. Our first goal is to play well; we know that if we play well and we're connected, we can become the number two pair. Nowadays, reaching the number one spot is very difficult; Paula and Ari are at a very high level, and we both feel that we need more preparation for that. But for the number two spot, I think we're ready, and we'll do everything to finish the year there.

Debut at the Premier Padel circuit

The women's bracket has already made its debut in the Premier Padel circuit, and it couldn't have been in a more iconic venue than the Foro Itálico in Rome. For Delfina, competing in this type of setting is truly special. 

- The place is amazing; there are few things comparable to competing here. We're enjoying it to the fullest, with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.

Brea and González have already made their appearance at the Italy Major, winning both matches they played to secure a spot in the quarterfinals, although the weather conditions haven't been the best during the tournament. 

- The court is challenging; it's very hot, and the points are becoming long. You need a lot of patience and mental preparation before the matches because these conditions level the playing field for all pairs. It's going to be a tournament with surprises.

Meeting the Pope Francis

Rome brings back pleasant memories for Delfina, just two months ago when the Argentine had the opportunity to visit the Vatican and meet Pope Francis. 

The Argentinian player met the Holy Father as part of a charitable initiative, where she had a specially designed racquet signed by him, which was later auctioned for a good cause. 

For Delfina, that experience is something that will stay with her for the rest of her life. 

- The Pope baptized me when I was a baby because I lived near the church where he worked, so it was something very magical in that sense. These are places and people that evoke a lot of emotions. He is a very down-to-earth person, humble and simple... just talking about it gives me goosebumps because it was a super magical moment. He represented a lot to my family, so it was very emotional.


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