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New York Grand Master tournament suspended


The New York Grand Master was one of the most anticipated tournaments on the circuit's calendar, but the A1 Padel Board of Directors has made the decision to postpone it.

Once again, the A1 Padel circuit, owned by Fabrice Pastor, has been forced to postpone a tournament.

The New York Grand Master, scheduled on the A1 Padel calendar for the week of August 7th to 13th, has been suspended due to "bureaucratic issues."

“In spite of the great effort of A1 Padel's own president, Fabrice Pastor, to try to keep to thescheduled programme, bureaucratic issues make it impossible to hold the tournament in theplace and on time,” the circuit stated in a press release.

According to the statement, the New York event was supposed to take place at an iconic location in the Big Apple, but the permits required for the construction of the main stadium have not yet been approved by the local City Council, just one month before the event.

“The president of A1 Padel has travelled several times to the United States to personally see the progress of the negotiations and will continue in this line to set a new date,” they announced.

Due to the proximity of the event, the A1 Padel Board of Directors has decided to suspend the New York tournament, and in the coming days, a new venue will be announced to replace it.

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