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Carlos Alcaraz accepts Arturo Coello's challenge: "I'm ready"


The world's number one tennis player has responded to the playful challenge posed by Arturo Coello on social media.

After a video circulated on social media showing Agustín Tapia showcasing his skills on a tennis court with a "no look shot," Argentine tennis player and Davis Cup champion Federico Delbonis jokingly invited the "Mozart" to share the court at the ATP Open in Argentina.

Tapia responded to his compatriot by accepting the challenge: "Keep in mind that I'm used to a lefty who covers the entire court! I'm ready, eh!" exclaimed the player from Catamarca.

But the fun exchange didn't end there. Arturo Coello picked up the gauntlet thrown by his fellow player and invited the world's number one tennis player, Carlos Alcaraz, to join in a challenge against Tapia/Delbonis. "I see that you've already chosen a partner, Agus... What do you say, Carlos?" wrote the player from Valladolid, tagging Alcaraz.

To everyone's surprise, the global tennis star embraced the playful proposition and responded to Coello, saying, "I'm ready," declared the Spaniard.

Now, it remains to be seen whether this fun and epic crossover between padel and tennis will take place.

Watch Agustín Tapia playing tennis in the video uploaded by the twitter account VeinteDiez:

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