Pro Padel League

PPL enters largest US sports market with acquisition of new franchise


The Pro Padel League (PPL) has announced its entry into the largest sports market in North America, with the signing of New York as the eighth franchise of the league.

Following the conclusion of the inaugural season, interest in the PPL has skyrocketed. A new team joins the existing seven in one of the most promising markets in North America.

The New York Atlantics will be the eighth franchise acquired by the league in less than six months, sending team valuations soaring into the seven figures.

“We have tremendous interest from cities across North America who want to join the PPL,” said Marcos Del Pilar, Commissioner of the PPL. “We wanted to be thoughtful about our expansion and focus on opportunities in locations with histories of iconic sports teams, passionate fan bases, and infrastructure to support the growth of padel in the U.S.”

Looking ahead to next season

The New York franchise, which will be able to compete in the upcoming season, will reveal more details this summer about the ownership group behind the investment, as well as plans for the team in 2024 and beyond.

Throughout the rest of the year, key priorities for the New York franchise will include recruiting exceptional paddle tennis athletes from around the world, establishing crucial relationships with sponsors and other partners, and laying the groundwork for paddle tennis in New York and worldwide.

“Padel has already caught fire globally and attracts millions of fans and hundreds of millions in sponsorship dollars,” a New York team spokesman said. “Gameplay is fast and electric, perfect for the North American audience and we look forward to bringing this incredible game to the greatest city in the world”, he concluded.

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