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After the title in Valladolid — The “Superpibes” take the ranking by storm


Following their victory at the Valladolid World Padel Tour Master, the Argentine pair surpasses Lebron and Galán to secure the number two spot in the WPT rankings.

The season of Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno can only be described as outstanding. 

The Argentine duo has solidified themselves as one of the best teams in 2023, delivering exceptional results in every tournament they have competed in. They have clinched four titles (three in the WPT and one in Premier), reached four finals, and made it to the semifinals in the remaining tournaments.

These achievements had already elevated the "Superpibes" to the second spot in the race, just behind Coello and Tapia. However, their recent triumph at the Valladolid World Padel Tour Master has propelled them even further in the overall ranking.

With the 2000 points earned in the Valladolid tournament, Stupa and Di Nenno have surpassed Lebron and Galán, now positioning themselves as the second-best pair in the world.

In the individual standings, Martin Di Nenno currently holds the third position, trailing behind Coello and Tapia. Meanwhile, Franco Stupaczuk occupies the fifth spot, just behind Ale Galán, leaving Juan Lebron in the sixth place.

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