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Björne: World Padel League in the middle of the competition season — a madness and a joke

World Padel League has just been completed in the middle of the ongoing competition season, where the world's best players are already suffering from the extreme competition schedule. 
It is pure madness and a joke, writes Padel Alto's Filip Björne. 

With some distance to this weekend's competition, where the team Jaguars (?) won the final against the Panthers (?), I still woke up with a big question mark.

What did we watch? Was this meant to be an actual tournament? Yes, I am, of course, talking about the World Padel League in Dubai.

The tournament had it all:

  • A poor attempt at entertainment with different animal names in the teams.
  • A host who called the competition the World Padel Tour.
  • Half-injured players who already play way too many tournaments in one season.

”Not serious”

I´ve been writing about this subject before. About how unserious it is to bring in local players who are not close to the same level as the others in the starting field. If you want an event for fun or a good time, yes. But it will never be a severe form of competition.´

I last wrote about this topic during America VS Europe, when it was Swedish players. Now that the money has moved from the Swedish market to the Middle East, this weekend, there were local players from the United Arab Emirates playing alongside the world's best players.

Most of all, it's the time that makes this tournament a joke. It is madness to put such an event between two World Padel Tour tournaments in the middle of the competitive season. This year, players such as Ale Galan, Juan Lebron, Agustin Tapia, Arturo Coello, and Ale Salazar have already had to give way to injuries. I know that the number of injuries is more than that. 

"Several players already half-injured"

Several players on the circuit are playing half-injured and are under pressure due to the extreme competition schedule. The fact that Ale Salazar is playing the tournament and having surgery this week is a sign if anything.

From a financial point of view, the players do not want to and cannot turn down a tournament like this in Dubai with the high prize money. I also understand that the players want to participate for the good of the sport, to spread padel to new continents, and get more people interested. In addition, team play is always fun!

But the above hurts so much when we summarize the weekend's competition. What did we actually watch? Perhaps we should take this for what it is: a big joke event like no other.

Because it was not a competitive tournament. 

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