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Alejandra Salazar out of the courts for a while


The Spanish player announced that she will be out of competition for a few weeks due to an elbow injury.

After being eliminated in the quarterfinals of the Marbella Master, Alejandra Salazar has announced that she will have to take some time off the courts. The Spanish player is suffering from an elbow discomfort that prevents her from competing normally.

"It's been many weeks of playing and suffering, without being able to perform or enjoy the way I would like, carrying an injury in my elbow that has worsened this year due to the overload and the lack of rest with this busy schedule," she announced.

The injury that the Madrid-born player has been carrying has worsened this season, with the demanding schedule taking its toll. As a result, Alejandra has decided to take a break to rest and recover.

"After giving it a lot of thought and discussing with the entire team, we believe it's time to heal and take a few weeks off to come back stronger and give my best version to the team," said the Spanish player.

Pending a medical evaluation, it is still unclear how long Salazar's recovery will take.

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