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Fernando Belasteguín sanctioned by WPT: Out of the French Open


Fernando Belasteguín has been sanctioned by the circuit due to an incident involving one of the broadcast microphones at the Vigo Open.

The greatest player of all time, Fernando Belasteguín, will not be able to participate in the upcoming French Open, which will take place from June 10th to 18th.

Bela has been sanctioned by the World Padel Tour circuit as a result of an incident that occurred at the last Vigo Open. It was Belasteguín himself who, with regret, confirmed the news:

 "World Padel Tour officially informed me last Thursday during the Marbella Master competition that, in addition to a fine and financial penalty (an amount higher than the prize money received), they also imposed a sporting sanction on me, prohibiting me from participating in the upcoming French Padel Open due to my misconduct in Vigo," the Boss announced on his social media.

The incident. 

During a changeover, while receiving instructions from his coach in the quarter-finals of the Vigo Open, Belasteguín struck one of the ambient microphones located behind the benches, leading the circuit to sanction him not only financially but also in terms of his participation in the future tournament.

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