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Spanish brand Siux renews one of its most iconic rackets


Siux reinforces one of its most popular ranges with the launch of this new padel racket aimed at experienced players who are looking to boost their attack with a more offensive game.

Six years after its first release, Siux reissues one of its most iconic rackets. The Spanish brand has launched the new edition of the legendary racket with which former professional player Cristian Sánchez won two World Padel Tour titles in 2017, the Siux Pegasus.

The firm presented the new Siux Pegasus Revolution Cube, a racket from the Pro Series range that is characterised by being one of the hardest of the brand, but at the same time light and manoeuvrable.

"The new Siux Pegasus Revolution Cube is designed for advanced players who want to go one step further and increase the power of their game," said Alvaro Alejandro Leonet, Product Manager of the brand.

The new Pegasus provides a great power in the hit and incorporates Triaxial carbon in the planes, which homogenises the surface, favouring a wider sweetspot.

This racket, with medium balance and a hybrid shape, includes the Siux logo in 3D on both sides of the frame, a feature that differentiates this franchise from the rest and makes this model exclusive and unique.

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