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Paquito Navarro argues with a spectator: "Do you have a problem?"


The opening day of the Marbella Master in the World Padel Tour was marked by an unfortunate incident involving insults directed at Paquito Navarro.

While the tiebreak of the second set was being played in the match where Paquito Navarro and Federico Chingotto prevailed over Jurado and Collado, a highly unfortunate event occurred.

The Sevillian player became the target of insults from a spectator in the stands, which provoked his anger.

Visibly upset, Navarro took advantage of the side change to confront the spectator: "Do you have a problem?" he asked while his partner, Fede Chingotto, tried to calm him down.

Once the match was over, Navarro requested that the referee expel the spectator who had insulted him: "Call the security guy and take him out. This is not football. You have to take the guy in white and throw him out," Navarro expressed while pointing at the person involved.

Undoubtedly, a regrettable incident that overshadowed the great debut of the Spanish-Argentine pair in the Marbella World Padel Tour Master.

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