A1 Padel

Leo Augsburger and Alex Chozas to share the court again


After their partnership in 2022, the talented Argentine players reunite to compete in the Monaco Master of A1 Padel.

Youngsters Leo Augsburger and Alex Chozas will once again share the court. The duo is set to make an impact at the Monaco Master, scheduled to take place from June 5th to 11th.

Augsburger, 18 years old, will take advantage of the break in the World Padel Tour circuit to participate in the A1 Padel circuit alongside his 19-years-old compatriot.

The "Bombardiers" already know what it's like to compete together in the 20x10. The young pair previously teamed up in several A1 Padel tournaments last year. Now, they reunite in the fourth Master of the 2023 season, making their debut against a duo from the qualifying round.

The Monaco Master of A1 Padel provides the perfect opportunity to witness the chemistry and talent of the Augsburger/Chozas pairing in action once again.

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