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Adidas unveils limited edition rackets for Álex Ruiz, Martita Ortega and Ale Galán


Adidas, the renowned German sports brand, has unveiled its new line of limited edition Master padel rackets dedicated to its three iconic players: Álex Ruiz, Martita Ortega, and Ale Galán.

Continuing to push the boundaries of innovation and style in the world of padel, Adidas introduces these three limited edition rackets. Players and fans can now experience the power, precision, and unique style of Ale Galán, Martita Ortega, and Álex Ruiz through these exclusive padel rackets.

These new rackets showcase distinctive designs and are crafted with high-end features to offer unparalleled performance on the court.

Their allure lies in their meticulously designed aesthetics and exceptional presentation. Each racket embodies the unique style and essence of its respective player, making them exclusive products.

Metalbone Master LTD, by Ale Galán.

This tear-drop shaped racket features a striking grayscale design on both sides, complemented by a white frame. Adding a touch of brilliance, an electric blue hue adorns the iconic three Adidas stripes and accentuates the neck. This limited edition model combines power and control in an elegant racket.

Adipower Master LTD, by Martita Ortega.

The design of this racket combines three different shades of blue, while a background of square patterns proudly displays the Adidas logo at the center of both sides. The round-shaped racket combines premium materials and cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that the game of top players flows effortlessly through it. 

Adipower Master MTW, by Álex Ruiz.

This is the first Master edition racket by Malaga-born player Álex Ruiz. The elegant design of this racket predominantly features black and gray tones. Golden accents adorn the three brand stripes, adding a touch of glamour to the neck and showcasing the owner's signature. This racket combines power and versatility, allowing players to adapt to any situation or moment on the court.

To add exclusivity, each of these Master edition rackets comes in a specially designed and personalized packaging, tailored to the characteristics of each model and signed by the players themselves. The attention to detail is evident, making these rackets a coveted choice for padel enthusiasts.


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