World Padel Tour

Bea Gonzalez and Delfi Brea do it again — knock out Triay and Salazar


Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez have reached the final of the World Padel Tour Vienna Open. 
This after again winning against Gemma Triay and Ale Salazar. 

World padel has been heavily dominated by two pairs in the last year: Gemma Triay, Ale Salazar / Ari Sanchez, and Paula Josemaria. But now Bea Gonzalez and Delfi Brea are a real threat.

The title from the last tournament in Denmark, where they knocked out both mentioned pairs from above, was followed up today with a win in the semi-final against Triay and Salazar in the World Padel Tour Vienna Open.

The match ended 7-6, 6-2. The team will face Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria in tomorrow's final. 

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