Padel on Tour

TV: ”Just open up and let the kids play” — watch Padel on Tour from Sweden


The program series Padel on Tour is back with the seventh episode from Sweden. 

Padel on Tour traveling to Sweden! 

This time, Padel Alto´s Filip Björne visits Emmie Ekdahl, a former padel player who is building a padel community for women, the elite padel player Johan Fors, and one of Sweden's foremost trainers, Andreas Johansson, and much more.

Watch the full episode from Sweden in the player above. 

About Padel on Tour

Padel on Tour takes you to places worldwide in a series of programs with the sport of padel in focus. The series is a collaboration between Padel Alto and the racket sports booking application MATCHi. 

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Stay tuned; new exciting destinations for Padel on Tour are just around the corner! 

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