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Sanyo Gutiérrez: "It used to be terrible when your partner left you, now it's very natural"


In a video published by his sponsor, Adeslas, Sanyo Gutiérrez talked about how he had to get used to changing partners throughout his career and how he experienced the call from Momo González.
— At this point in my career, it's a compliment to be considered by a guy with such potential", said 'the Magician'.

Sanyo Gutiérrez is one of the icons of the global padel scene. At 39 years old, the Argentine is more relevant than ever, competing alongside Momo González.

In an interview conducted for his sponsor, Adeslas, Sanyo talked about how he now embraces partner changes as an experienced player.

It used to be terrible when your partner left you or called you because they had another project in mind, and now it's all very natural. I think my mind is already prepared for that to happen, especially in my case.

"Padel is an individual sport played by two"

At his age, Sanyo understands that he's at a disadvantage when it comes to planning a long-term partnership.

It's obviously not the same to embark on a project with a 39-year-old person as with a 23-year-old. I fully accept that and I know that if I play with a young player, at some point they will make a change and look for a partner for a longer project.

Starting the season with Belasteguín

After a failed start to the season with Fernando Belasteguín, the Magician from San Luis received a call from Momo González.

This year we started with the idea of playing together with Bela. We lasted three tournaments that we played and missed another three. In the middle of those missed tournaments, I received a call from Momo. I initially said no because I was convinced that we could do well with Bela.

For Sanyo, being approached by a young player like Momo González, with such a promising present and future, was a great honor.

— At this point in my career, it's a compliment to be considered by a guy with so much potential, with a great present, but surely an even better future.

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"This guy really wants it"

Although he initially declined, Sanyo chose to accept the new project alongside Momo.

I made the decision to play together a little late. I apologised to him because ten days earlier I had said no, and now I was calling him to tell him that I wanted to play together; he said, 'Dani, I'm really excited about playing with you.' When I received that response, I realized that this guy really wants it.

After three tournaments together, the pair has already reached their first finals at the last World Padel Tour Open in Denmark, where they lost to Martin Di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk.

Now, Sanyo and Momo are getting ready to make their debut this Wednesday at the WPT Open in Vienna, where they will face the duo of Del Castillo and Benítez.

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