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Ale Galán officially introduces his new teammate: "A pleasure to share the court with him"


Due to Juan Lebron's injury, Alejandro Galán has officially presented Jon Sanz as his new partner.

Juan Lebron's injury, which has kept him out of several competitions this season, has forced Alejandro Galán to find a new couple while waiting for Lebron's recovery.

The player from Cádiz will undergo a series of tests this week to determine the extent of the injury, although it is expected that he will be off the courts for some time.

Alejandro Galán will compete alongside Jon Sanz starting from the World Padel Tour Master in Marbella, whom he has officially introduced as his new teammate:

"It's a pleasure to share the court with Jon Sanz until Juan's return. Thank you for accepting the proposal, and let's go with all the enthusiasm and excitement in the world!" wrote the Madrid native on his social media.

The pair is already training under the guidance of Mariano Amat, eagerly awaiting their debut next week.


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