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Fourth Time's the Charm – "Los Superpibes" Champions in Denmark


After falling short in three finals this season, "Los Superpibes" claimed their long-awaited first title on the World Padel Tour circuit in a flawless match. 

In the highly anticipated final of the men's draw at the World Padel Tour Danish Open, two pairs clashed in an unprecedented match. On one side were "Los Superpibes," Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno, while on the other side stood a newly formed and talented duo, Momo González and Sanyo Gutiérrez.

From the outset, Stupaczuk and Di Nenno showcased a solid and well-organized game, imposing their rhythm from the very first point. With a combination of power and precision, they managed to keep their opponents at bay and secured the first set with a score of 6/3.

In the second set, González and Gutiérrez fought to find answers to the relentless play of Stupaczuk and Di Nenno. However, with an impeccable Martin Di Nenno and a decisive Franco Stupaczuk, "Los Superpibes" proved superior in all aspects of the game, closing the set with a commanding 6/2 score.

"We were eager to secure a WPT title. We have worked hard, and we truly deserved it. Now, it's time to enjoy this championship, and I hope it's the first of many," said Franco Stupaczuk after the match.

With this victory in two sets, Stupaczuk and Di Nenno finally won their first title as a pairing on the World Padel Tour, after losing in three consecutive finals (Paraguay, Granada and Brussels) this season against Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia.

The World Padel Tour circuit will resume action next week in Austria with the World Padel Tour Vienna Open.

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