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After Lebron's injury — he will be Galan's new partner


The Madrid player has decided to look for a replacement for Juan Lebron while he recovers from his elbow injury.

Following the withdrawal from the last WPT Danish Open, and after learning that Juan Lebron will miss more tournaments due to epicondylitis affecting his right elbow, Alejandro Galan has decided to look for a new partner to play with in the upcoming competitions.

The player chosen by Galan is Jon Sanz, current number 23 in the World Padel Tour ranking. The news, which was reported by Relevo, was confirmed to Padel Alto by sources close to the player. 

"Ale will play with Jon. We will go tournament by tournament, until Juan recovers", they said.

The left-hander is signed up for the next Vienna Open alongside Coki Nieto, but he will make his debut next to Alejandro Galan at the Marbella Masters, from May 27th to June 4th.

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