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The largest facility in the UK chooses Matchi


The largest facility in the UK, Rocket Padel Bristol, chooses Matchi as its booking system. 
The Swedish company writes on its website.

After a slightly slower start to padel, the UK is now gearing up, and several exciting projects are currently being built in the country.

Now the largest club on the market, Rocket Padel in Bristol, chooses to use Matchi as a booking system, the Swedish company writes on its website.

"The addition of Rocket Padel Bristol to the MATCHi platform marks an important milestone in our journey to make padel more accessible in the UK. The UK padel market is really starting to take off, and we’re thrilled to play a part in that growth - helping venues and players through user-friendly and racket sports enabling tech", says Johan Rogebrant, CCO at Matchi.

In Bristol, padel has exploded, and the city already has several clubs. Rocket Padel, with its 14 courts, has taken over as the largest club in the UK. Before that, We Are Padel (WAP) in Derby was the largest.

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