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Padelgest installs a court in the world's thinnest skyscraper in NY


The Catalan company prevailed over twenty other companies bidding to carry out the project.

Padelgest, the padel court manufacturer, has just entered the Guinness Book of Records, after installing a padel court in the Steinway Tower in New York, the world's thinnest skyscraper (435 metres high, with a base/height ratio of 1:23). 

The project, carried out by the Catalan company, was a great challenge for the project managers, who had to adapt the manufacturing plans of the court in order to be able to access the upper floors with it. 

"We were aware that this was a challenging project, but we had never had to figure out how to divide up all the pieces and then build the court like a tetris game," said the engineer in charge of the project.

One of the most luxurious buildings in NY

The 91-storey Steinwey Tower began construction in 2014 and was inaugurated in 2021. In addition to the paddle tennis court, the luxury skyscraper's facilities include a concert hall, a 25-metre swimming pool, sauna rooms, a gym with a terrace and a golf simulator.

Speaking to the Spanish newspaper CMDsport, the company described it as "a privilege to have been part of this impressive project that has entered Guinness history and will delight new residents who can afford a flat in one of the most luxurious and expensive buildings in the Big Apple".

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