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Ruiz apologizes after yesterday's incident


Alex Ruiz apologizes after yesterday's incident in the match against Sanyo Gutierrez and Momo Gonzalez. 

It was during the match point yesterday that the incident occurred. Alex Ruiz receives a ball but loses his watch just as Sanyo Gutierrez knocks the ball out of the court.

Sanyo Gutierrez and Momo Gonzalez start cheering like they have won the match, but then Ruiz points out that his watch has fallen off and wants to replay the ball. According to the rulebook, if one of the players loses a cap, ball, or, in this case, a watch, the ball is replayed. 

After the match, Ruiz received harsh criticism on social media, claiming it was unprofessional behavior by the Spaniard. He has now taken to social media to apologize. 

”When we make mistakes, we are actually learning,” he writes on his social media. 

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