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Padel Technologies launches Pocketball: "A solution for balls not in play"


The Spanish company Padel Technologies has launched PocketBall, a practical and simple solution to keep leftover balls off the floor.

One of the most renowned padel court manufacturers on the market, Padel Technologies, has announced an innovative idea that aims to solve the problem of leftover balls on the floor.

PocketBall is a net post with a specially designed space to hold the two balls that are not in use during the game. The ball is stored discreetly to avoid affecting the dimensions or rules of the game, but at the same time, it is within easy reach of the player for easy access, avoiding the need to bend down to pick it up.

In the official tournaments that are played with four balls, there is no uniform criterion regarding the handling of the surplus balls. For example, in WPT, the balls are placed next to the net posts, while in Premier Padel, ball boys have been installed on both sides of the court, in charge of taking care of the balls during the course of the point. 

"Padel is becoming a much more physical and aggressive sport, there are more smashes, more off-court play... Keeping the ball on the ground, next to the net, is still a risk. I think that PocketBall fills that need perfectly", said Juan Moro, CEO of Padel Technologies in an interview with La Chiquita Padel.

PocketBall is a product that provides a simple and very practical solution to a long-standing problem, and which is sure to become an indispensable element on the padel courts of the professional and amateur circuits.

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