World Padel League

BREAKING: Here are the stars participating in the new World Padel League


In early June, the World Padel League takes place. A new format where the world's best players compete in different teams. 
Now Padel Alto can reveal the majority of the players participating.

Earlier this year, it became clear that Padel-TV (formerly Padel-Television) acquired the rights to the World Padel League, which will be played in Dubai on June 8-11. The players are divided into four teams, where the team matches consist of a men's match, a women's match, and a mixed game.

Now Johannes Thomhave (CEO, Padel-TV) reveals the names of most of the players participating in the WPL.


  • Paula Josemaria
  • Carolina Navarro
  • Ariana Sanchez
  • Alejandra Salazar
  • Gemma Triay
  • Beatriz Gonzalez
  • Marta Ortega
  • Virginia Riera
  • Aranzazu Osoro
  • Lucia Sainz
  • Victoria Iglesias


  • Agustin Tapia
  • Arturo Coello
  • Sanyo Gutierrez
  • Franco Stupaczuk
  • Fernando Belasteguin
  • Paquito Navarro
  • Pablo Lima

*More players will be added.

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