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Bela exclusively for Padel Alto: ”A clear indication that we were not working as a couple”


Fernando Belasteguin has had a tough start to the season. Due to an injury, he has only played in three tournaments. 
In an interview with Padel Alto, ”The Boss” talks about the recovery, the break with Sanyo Gutierrez, and the new start with Mike Yanguas.

Padel's greatest of all time, Fernando "Bela" Belasteguin, hasn't had the best start to the season in 2023. Due to an injury, the 43-year-old has missed much of the beginning of the season and only played in two tournaments.

However, he and Sanyo Gutierrez made a promising start to the season, reaching a final at the first Premier Padel of the year.

— The start of the season in Premier Padel has been excellent, with a final in the Dohas Major. The start of the season in the WPT has not been as we expected, Bela says to Padel Alto.

Before the Granada Open, Bela was in the draw until the last moment. Then came the shock. Fernando Belasteguin canceled at the last moment, and his partner Sanyo Gutierrez was already in Granada. This was the end of the Bela/Sanyo 2.0 project. A decision that came from Sanyo

”Shared it 100 percent.”

— I talked very clearly with Sanyo, things always happen for a reason, and injuries are a very clear indication that we were not working as a couple even though we both tried with a lot of responsibility.

Do you understand his decision?

— I shared it 100 percent without any problems. As I said before, things happen for a reason, and injuries indicate that the pair we formed was not working.

Fernando Belasteguin is now ready for a comeback for the WPT's Brussels Open, with the talent Mike Yanguas next to him.

— I am very happy with my recovery, and to play in Brussels. It was a smart decision not to play in Grenada because there was too much risk of a more serious injury.

How will it be to play with Mike?

— I am very happy to have Mike next to me, we already talked last year, but I had already talked with Sanyo. But we wanted to play together.

He continues:

— The duration of the pairing depends on Mike's development; he is a player in full development and will have more chances to play with the best players in the world. I´m clear that he will have many opportunities in the future to play with the best, says Belasteguin.

"Many areas need to be professionalized."

As many know, a lot is going on in the sport off the court. Premier Padel and the World Padel Tour, which have long been in conflict, are in talks with each other, and there are rumors of a takeover where Premier Padel buys up the WPT or a solution between the parties ensures the same ranking from 2024.

Recently, it has also been speculated that a single ranking would apply from the middle of this season.

— I actually have no idea. I'm in the PPA (men's Players' Association), and we have the same information as you. We in the PPA are very clear about the path we want to follow and where the player should be.

What would be the best option for your players if you could choose?

— It would be excellent to have a circuit with many tournaments where the player is obliged to play some tournaments. In the other tournaments, you can feel free to choose where you play, always under the umbrella of an international federation.

He continues:

— But many areas still need to be professionalized for this to be possible. And we need to do it quickly because professional sport needs it. And of course, the PPA should approve everything related to the sport because it would be the first time that we players are listened to, and for me, that is very important. That is the most important thing," he says.

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