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After two years away from the courts: Seba Nerone is back


After retiring in 2021, Argentine Seba Nerone will return as a player for the Los Angeles Beat franchise in the North American PPL league.

The USA Pro Padel League has brought back to the courts one of the best players in history. 

The Los Angeles Beat, a franchise team in the Western United States, has signed former world number one, Sebastian Nerone. 

“The BEAT is very proud to bring out of retirement the legendary former world no.1 and 5x world champion "El Mítico" Sebastian Nerone⁠”, announced the team on its social media.

The Argentine retired two years ago, in 2021, as Maxi Grabiel's partner. Since then he has continued to be linked to padel as a commentator on the World Padel Tour, and more recently as coach of the Sanchez Alayeto twins.

“I will be a player of Los Angeles BEAT. I am excited to play this sport of Padel in the US. I am very happy with this opportunity!”, said the 46-year-old Nerone.

A few days ago, the Los Angeles team also announced former Argentine number one Daniela Banchero as a player of the franchise.

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