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Delfi Brea on her split with Araujo: "It was complicated days"


Argentine player Delfina Brea spoke to Ole newspaper about her split with Sofia Araujo and the new pairing with Bea Gonzalez in a team that is aiming for the top.
— I felt it was an opportunity I couldn't waste," said Delfi.

After a really promising start to the season, Delfina Brea and Portuguese Sofia Araujo surprisingly split up. The couple had started in great form this 2023, but after the South American tour of World Padel Tour, the Argentinean received an offer she couldn't refuse.

Bea (Gonzalez) called me to play and proposed a long-term project. I felt it was an opportunity I couldn't miss. I felt sorry for the moment when it happened because the season had just started, but you don't choose when the opportunities come, and these are decisions you have to make," Delfi told Ole newspaper.

After Bea González's call to team up, the Argentinian had to communicate her decision to her (former) partner, Sofía Araujo. For Brea, ending a project that had just begun was unpleasant.

— Those were complicated days. It doesn't matter if the decision is more or less important, or better or worse. Those are difficult moments. I live padel with intensity and the couple with Sofi (Araújo) as well. You have to get used to changes being part of the sport and just listen to those around you.  

"We can be tough"

Brea and Gonzalez will start as the number three ranked couple, with the clear objective of threatening the top positions.

The Spanish-Argentine duo already knows what it's like to win titles. In their previous stage together in 2019, they won two Challenger championships, as well as reached the semifinals of the Barcelona Master Final, complementing each other really well on the court.

— I think our strengths are complementary. Bea is a decisive and aggressive player, which is key for my game of setting up the point and defending. My work would come to nothing if I didn't have someone with punch who goes to the net and tries to close out the points. That's where we make up for each other. By doing a good job in training, we can be tough.

The pairing will make their debut this Thursday, in the last sixteen of the World Padel Tour Granada Open, when they take on Marta Talaván and Lorena Rufo.

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