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A1 Brazil Open: the circuit arrives in Brazil for the first time


After the European tour, the fourth event of the A1 Padel season starts this Tuesday. For the first time in history, the circuit lands in Brazil to play the Brasil Open.

The Clube Recreativo Dores in Santa Maria is getting ready to welcome the best players of the A1 Padel circuit at the Brazil Open. The event will start on Tuesday the 11th of April and will run until Sunday the 16th, the date of the final. The tournament will feature numerous changes of partners and the return of Brazilian legends to the circuit.

The tournament director, Sergio Martínez, said that "the tournament will be a party in the biggest club in Latin America" and will be held in a place where padel is part of the local culture, played by more than 150,000 of the 400,000 people who live in Santa María (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil).

Brazilian fans are looking forward to the tournament and show their support for their idols, such as Julianoti, Stefano Flores or Marcello Jardim, but they are also waiting for the number one players, Dal Bianco and Arce or the sensation player Tolito Aguirre.

The Brazil Open will feature a 28-pairing main draw, with the top four pairings starting from the round of 16, making their debut on Thursday 13 April. Among the most anticipated moments of the tournament is the first round clash between two of the best players in the history of Brazil: Marcello Jardim vs Julio Julianoti.

The tournament, which will take place at the Clube Recreativo Dores. This Monday the qualifying round will end, giving way to the final draw, which will start on Tuesday. 

It will be an exciting week for padel lovers, who will have the opportunity to enjoy this sport in one of the best venues on the continent.

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