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Criticism of Christian Wilhelmsson's padel company: ”Not an accurate picture"


The former Swedish professional football player Christian Wilhelmsson is now a partner in the Swedish company World Wide Padel. 
There are now reports that the company is being mismanaged, according to the Swedish site Breakit.

World Wide Padel is a company that builds facilities and courts, and in its latest annual report, the company reports a significant loss. In addition, the company, in which the former football star "Chippen" Wilhelmsson is a co-owner, receives criticism from the auditor.

In a comment to Breakit, the auditor Emil Pettersson, from the agency R3 in Gothenburg, says,

— In the company's accounting, I note inadequate documentation, double payments, remuneration to related parties without written agreements or decisions, and money lending without security or control of the counterparty's ability to pay. The annual report does not give an accurate and fair view of the company's results and position.

The company builds padel courts in various designs and has, among others, venues in Dubai. 

Last week, Emil Pettersson signed the auditor's report on the annual report, stating that the company "neither reported nor paid deducted tax" on time or in the correct amount.

”The Nordic market has been changing.”

The auditor also points out that the company has lent money to the CEO and founder Johan Hansson, which is not considered to be in good practice with the limited company form.

To Breakit, the CEO Johan Hansson responds to the criticism of the company:

— The Nordic market has been changing, and many companies have struggled. We have been affected, and it has challenged us as an organization. During the latter part of autumn 2022, the company made a reorganization where several of the company's key people had to leave. The board will be replaced shortly to bring in the right competencies.

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