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TV: The A1 boss: ”By 2025, there will be over 10,000 courts in the US”


A1 Padel is on the offensive with its venture into padel in the United States. So far, the sport has not grown much there compared to Europe. Something that, according to A1's American shareholder Ike S. Franco, will change. 
— This sport will evolve in the US, he says in a tv-interview. 

In an interview with Forbes Sports, the A1 Padel owners Fabrice Pastor and Ike S. Franco talk about the future of the circuit and padel in the US, where they invest heavily. 

— There´s a need to build grassroots, creating availability of courts. Both private, in the commercial sector, and in the school system. Once somebody gets involved in playing the sport, they will be addicted to it. That´s what's lacking in the US. That's not enough amount of courts, Ike S. Franco says. 

A1 Padel has gone its own way towards Premier Padel and the World Padel Tour. They focus more on the United States as a market; this year, they have two competitions — one in New York and one in Miami. 

— Almost two months ago, there were only 200 courts in the US. By 2025, there will be over 10,000 courts in this country. 

Ike S. Franco continues: 

— That’s not just because of A1 Padel. The sport itself will be evolving. 

Fabrice Pastor also announces that A1 will try to have more competitions in the USA already next season. 

Watch the whole interview in the player above. 

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