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Suspended WPT player criticizes A1: ”It's a pity that they go that way”


In an interview with the program Una vibora para cenar, Pablo Lijo talks about his experience in A1 Padel and the new contract that the circuit offers its players. 
— Nowadays, the contract that the players have with A1 Padel is out of place and out of time, he says.

After receiving a sanction from the World Padel Tour, which prohibits him from participating in the circuit for 12 tournaments, the Spanish player Pablo Lijo turned to the A1 Padel, the circuit owned by Fabrice Pastor.

There, Lijo performed well in the two tournaments played with his partner Miguel Semmler, losing in the quarterfinals and the final to the number one players of the circuit in hard-fought matches.

Despite the couple's success in the new circuit, the Galician is not yet clear about his future.

— I get compliments saying that I can get to be at the top of this circuit, although, at the moment, I'm not clear where I will play. I'm only playing where they allow me and where they want me, Lijo says in the program Una vibora para cenar. 

”Today padel is free.”

A1 Padel is in the process of renewal, targeting new markets. One of the pillars of this renovation has been the new contracts offered to the players, something with which Lijo does not agree very much.

— Nowadays, the contract that the players have with A1 Padel is out of place and out of time. It would be valid for 2015 but not today. Today we players have much more, and it's a pity that they go that way because I think today, padel is free, the player says.

He continues:

— They continue to make a contract that prevents you from playing if you do not have it, punish the one who does not sign it, and at the moment, that does not convince me too much.

For Lijo, the future of the sport is straightforward. The most viable option would be the new Premier Padel circuit, owned by QSI. And although there the competition will be more challenging, the Spanish player would have his mind made up.

— On the side of Premier Padel, everything looks nicer, it will be more complicated to be number one, but I will try like the rest.

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