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Details: Top 100 professional female players sign with Premier Padel


Premier Padel will have a women's competition from the next Major in Italy. The president of the International Padel Federation, Luigi Carraro, said so at the start of the circuit in Doha, and now it is already a reality, according to Spanish Mundo Deportivo. 

According to the Spanish website Mundo Deportivo, 94 of the top 100 women's players signed up with Premier Padel and will play in the next Italy Major in Rome competition. 

Padel Alto has previously reported that Luigi Carraro, the President of FIP, has said that the circuit's goal is to have the women in the next tournament. But now Mundo Deportivo has provided information that 94 of the top 100 players have agreed to play. 

They write that Premier Padel will release the info officially shortly.

Premier Padel, governed by FIP and backed by Qatar Sports Investment, has been running for over a year. But so far, only the men have played, as the women's players have been careful to break their agreements with the World Padel Tour.

Previously, it is also known that Premier Padel and the World Padel Tour are in a dialog for the first time since the big conflict broke out between the actors. There is nothing concrete yet about what these talks have led to. 

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