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Garrido denies the rumors after being linked to the Argentinean


Javi Garrido denies the rumors that he and Lucho Capra will be a couple to the website Analistas. 

During the day Javi Garrido has been linked to Lucho Capra - after reports that his partner Federico Chingotto and Paquito Navarro will play together. 

However, Garrido has denied the rumors to the Spanish website Analistas. 

It all started on Wednesday morning when Olé revealed that Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello were splitting up after an unsuccessful time together.

Sources of Padel Alto confirm that Navarro and Chingotto will form a couple. However, the information is not confirmed yet. This contributes to many partner changes on the tour, but Garrido has now denied the reports that he and Lucho Capra are forming a couple. 

Earlier on Wednesday, Padel Alto revealed that Leo Augsburger will play with Javi Rico when the tour returns to Spain. 

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