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EXTRA: Paquito and Tello breaking up


Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello have had a difficult time as a couple. Now comes the news that the couple is breaking up after eleven tournaments. 

Argentinian newspaper Olé reveals that Juan Tello and Paquito Navarro are breaking up in only three tournaments in 2023. They will stop playing together after Paraguay. Padel Open 

This means it is the season's first break up at the padel elite's top. The announcement does not come as much of a shock. Navarro and Tello's season so far has been challenging, and they have only won one match in the first round of the Qatar Majors Premier Padel. 

Paquito's change of position never ended up getting the expected results, but there are no signs of improvement between the couple. 

The pair took one title, the one in Mexico Open in November. It is unclear who Navarro and Tello will play with after the Paraguay Open. 

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