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Details to Alto: They form new couples after Paquito and Tello´s split


Today the bombshell came: Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello are going their separate ways. 
According to sources to Padel Alto, the new couples after the Paraguay Open are done. 

Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello have had enough and are breaking up after the Paraguay Open, the Argentinian website Olé revealed on Wednesday.

After much speculation on social media, the Spanish website Relevo has revealed which couples will be playing together in the future.

This information was checked by independent sources of Padel Alto. Although it is not yet confirmed, these are the new couples that we will see after the South American tour of World Padel Tour: Paquito Navarro will now play with Federico Chingotto. At the same time, Juan Tello will form a couple with Alex Ruiz.

Thus, Federico Chingotto leaves the partnership with Javi Garrido, and Alex Ruiz leaves Momo Gonzalez.

It is unclear who Ruiz and Gonzalez will be paired with after the Paraguay Open. 

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