World Padel Tour

Withdraws the day before the tournament in Chile


Alvaro Cepero and Arnau Ayats withdraw from the Chile Padel Open the day before the main tournament starts, Cepero announces on his social media. 

Before the La Rioja Open in Argentina, eight teams withdrew from the men's side due to injuries. Some announced very late, and the WPT organizer Lisandro Borges accused the players of faking injuries.

The main tournament of the Chile Padel Open starts tomorrow. Now Alvaro Cepero announces that he and his partner Arnau Ayats that the pair will not come to play. 

”We won't be able to be present at the Chile Open due to injury. We were looking forward to visiting Chile and to all our audience there. Thank you for your support”, writes Cepero. 

The pair qualified for the tournament earlier this year. 


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