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Odd situation — trainer of both teams in the final: ”Not even in my dreams”


Pablo Crosetti, coach of Agustin Tapia - and Libaak and Augsburger at the NOX Future Academy - spoke to Padel Alto about the surprise of his pupils facing each other this Sunday in the final of the WPT La Rioja Open.
— If someone asked me for a dream, this wouldn't have even crossed my mind," said the Argentine.

This Sunday, when the final of the World Padel Tour Open de La Rioja gets underway, there will be someone whose heart will be divided. Pablo Crosetti will experience the match differently.

The Argentine has been Agustin Tapia's coach for many years. Still, he is also the head coach of the NOX Future Academy (NFA), where Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger are training as professional padel players.

— For Agustín and Arturo, winning tournaments is always possible, but what happened with Tino and Leo is crazy. The happiness of the whole team is amazing. We still can't believe it, but I think that once the tournament is over, we can analyse how we feel.

His recent paternity, along with Agustin Tapia and Augsburger/Libaak reaching the final, has made this a unique week for Pablo.

— To see Agustín so happy next to Arturo, dedicating the victories to Mateo (Pablo's newborn son) see Leo and Tino reaching the final...I was crying with happiness all week.

”Agustin is their idol and their reference”

The recent commitment of the NOX brand to promote young talent through the Nox Future Academy is already bearing fruit through two of today's leading exponents, Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburguer.

— When I spoke to Jesús(Ballve, Nox) about signing Tino and Leo, I told him that these guys could surprise him with a training structure, but we never thought it would be so fast. They had plenty of techniques, but we devised a plan for each. The learning process of the Qualy games made them grow a lot as players, and that's why they were able to show this performance.

P.A: Before such an important match... How do you act as a coach for both sides? Do you give tactical details to each of the pairs about their opponents?

— No, you don't talk about the tactical side. We only talk about the emotional part. With Agustín, he will face friends, and I would almost say disciples as well. Agustín is an idol and a reference to Tino and Leo.

He continues:

— I sent some joking messages to the boys, but both teams know each other, have trained together, and know what to do.


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